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Raspberry Overheating After Network Upgrade

We have a BlueROV2 Heavy kit which we have tried to upgrade its hardware. This has made us add a GPS module and an ethernet switch inside the top enclosure. The ethernet switch has 4 ports which all are connected. One for a DVL and one for communicating to another enclosure. NOw the problem is when we connect the battery after like 5 minutes of being idle, the SoC temperature of Raspberry Pi reaches 85° C and the system shuts down or really high latency (each Joystick command takes a minute to be applied) is experienced. Previously by the default setup, we did not have such a problem. We have also tried using a fan between Pixhawk and Rpi but this process is just delayed since I guess the system is closed.
Can you help us with how to solve this issue?

Have you tried aluminum housing?

Have thought about it already. According to the current situation it will not be possible to do so.

Is the RPi suffering from excessive CPU usage as well? I had an issue where the micoSD card was bad causing high CPU, and high heat.

CPU load does not go above 50%. The sd card is the default one that came with the ROV. I gavent touched it.

Solved this already.

What was the solution?

The location first of all which we are located in Cyprus and Augusts are mostly more than 40 degrees.
Besides, some internal scripts we had open from the boot which we closed.