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Over heating concerns

Hey guys,

I had a quick question about over heating. I have been unable to information on this in the website. I realize that you should not run the thrusters of the ROV for more than 30 seconds above the water but is it acceptable to allow the BlueROV2 to be left on while it is not in the water for an extended about of time? I have concerns that it may overheat because I have issues with this in the past with other ROVs.


Hi Brandon,

We haven’t done much testing of this. I would say that it would depend on the weather. If is 30°F outside, it would likely be fine to leave the ROV on when it is out of the water for as long as the battery will last. If it is 100°F outside, I would not recommend leaving the ROV powered while in direct sunlight outside.

We did have some issues leaving the ROV powered and not in water when testing an early prototype when it was 85°F and we left the ROV in direct sunlight. I have left one powered when it was 65°F outside in direct sunlight with no issues, but that was on a moving boat. Those temperatures are unfortunately as close to getting an exact temperature as I can personally get.

I would say that as long as the temperature inside of the enclosure doesn’t get above 140°F you will be fine. I would estimate that you could get to that temperature with the ROV on in direct sunlight at around 70-75°F ambient in about an hour.



Hey Jonathan,

Okay great, thanks. Quick follow up question. What if I am indoors testing electronics that I have added to the BlueROV2. Do you think there is any chance of overheating from the BlueROV2 or is the sunlight you main concern? Or should I just monitor the temperature during testing?

Thank you,


The internal temp can be shown in hud. When bench testing, i take bung out to release heat n pressure while keeping eye on internal temp. If outside, i keep covered with towel if in full sunlight.
I find sometimes that i have to pull rov from water after a couple of minutes to release case pressure due to the rov /water temp difference and the over pressure alarm talking to me. I now aclimatise rov in water for a few minutes, on surface before dive, then pull rov out of water to release pressure in main electronics housing.
It seeems the more heat in housing, the more time for aclimatisation.