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ESCs and heat dissipation

(Lars) #1

I’m planning to build a small ROV. This means I’ll have a bunch (3, at least) of ESCs in a small enclosed space. How much do I need to be concerned with heat dissipation? I’m not sure how much heat is generated. If it helps, I’m looking at 700/750KV motors running on 3s batteries with 50/55mm props.


(Adam) #2

Hi Lars,

Unless you are running the ESCs at maximum throttle for an extended period of time, heat dissipation shouldn’t be a problem. It doesn’t hurt to add a larger heat sink or have the ESCs contact the inside of the enclosure, but at typical ROV thruster duty cycles, I don’t think there will be a problem, The BlueROV2 has six ESCs close together in a 4" enclosure with the rest of the control electronics, and we’ve never experienced any overheating issues.


(Lars) #3

Awesome, thank you!