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About thruster and ESC / Camera

(Daniel) #1

Hello, this is a student doing a project about ROV. I am not very experienced with ROV and it will be grateful if I could get some help.

Recently, I asked if it is okay to add additional capacitors to Basic ESC R3 and Mr. Adam gave me an awesome reply that cleared my doubt.

Now I have another question and it will be helpful if I get some help. Do you think it is better to add a heat sink (size of blue stuff where the logo is on) on top of blue thing for better heat exchange? Or is this version okay to run without heat sink? Right now, our robot has 8~9 ESCs (with T200 thrusters) that will be run pretty soon in underwater after making ESCs waterproof. (The robot will run around an hour ~ maximum 2 hours in underwater for our project.)

Also, we are using cameras (not from BlueRoborics as we have limited budget :sob: ) near the T200 thrusuters, and it seems that camera quality is not as good as expected. We think the magnetism effects from the thrusters are affecting the camera quality; as thrusters start to rotate at higher speed, the quality of camera gets worse (it is still visibile but not perfect). We thought making a Faraday’s cage on the thruster or on a camera so that magnetism effects can be prevented. How do you think about our ideas to make the quality of camera better?

I really appreciate for your help if you could help us as we are students doing a project about ROV.

Lastly, you can ignore this question as this one is not related to BlueRobotics products but a small hint will be greatly appreciated! We are trying to make a simple underwater acoustic transducer (to send a specific frequeny) and a receving transcuer (when received that frequency some function is called through internal coding & distance between these 2 can be around 3~20 cm). Could you give us a simple hint or ideas how to design this or any recommendations? Once again, it is okay if you do not give us any hint !! I know this one is not related to your products :smiley:

Thank you for reading my question.