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Working conditions

Hi all,

Needing some advise i have just finished my ROV build and it is working great i am currently on a yacht that is heading to London tonight then the following locations after and we are planning on using the ROV for filming.

Keil Canal
Trollhatte Canal
Lake Vanern

The question i have is there any one that has used the ROV in ice conditions and would it pay to use hand warmers in with the battery when filming icebergs.

Warming the batteries in the cold will extend the time you have. I used to use warming packs wrapped around my camera batteries before I installed them, but some packs can get very hot so be careful of overheating.


The ROV should work fine in water as long as the water is warm enough to be liquid. One thing to be aware of though would be the air temperature. The potting compound used on the BlueROV2 is rated to -23°C and the O-rings are rated to -29°C so you could potentially run into trouble with leaks if you are keeping the ROV outside for extended amounts of time in the winter that far North.

I don’t think that you will need to heat the battery to get good battery life. The battery does a pretty good job of heating itself when it is under load.



thank you for the information guys i will keep you posted on how it performs up under the ice.