QGroundControl Crashes On Connection


When connecting the BlueROV2 to our computer with QGroundControl, the program shows that the connection worked for a second, and then it freezes before it is set up. It seems like the connection does work, because we can see camera input, but the window becomes completely unusable in seconds. And after a couple minutes of it being frozen, the program crashes. We get the following error:

QGroundControl: …/nouveau/pushbuf.C:728: nouveau_pushbuf_data: Assertion ‘kref’ failed
Aborted(core dumped)

What could we do to remedy this?

Hi @skarnati20, sorry for the delay on getting to this.

I’m not sure what’s causing the error you’re running into - could you please provide some more information about your setup? In particular,

  1. Does your BlueROV2 have a Pixhawk or a Navigator flight control board?
  2. Which software and firmware versions are you running?
    • ArduSub
    • QGroundControl
    • Your topside computer operating system
    • BlueOS / Companion software on the onboard computer (Raspberry Pi)
  3. Are they our latest recommended versions?