QGroundControl and Seatrac PinPoint


I’m trying to get the QGroundControl app working (for ROV piloting) and Seatrac PinPoint (for position control)

First I set up the PinPoint application with the Beacon X150 and the GNSS receiver.
When the Beacon X150 starts broadcasting, I have the position of the Beacon displayed on the map.

If I launch the QGroundControl application in parallel, when I launch the emission of the Beacon X150 in the PinPoint application, I have error messages: ‘Unable to open SeaTrac Device’ and ‘Unable to open NMEA Device’

Are there any settings to modify in either of the 2 applications?

Thanks for your help,

This is my working setup with NMEA router, Com0coms, Pinpoint, &Qgroundcontrol.

it is a huge pain in the butt, but it works…

let me know if you find a better solution


I’m trying to achieve the same configuration as you, except that my GPS is on the COM6 port.

First, in com0com, when I create a pair, if I check the ‘use Ports class’ boxes, the fields to fill in the port names disappear.

In your screenshot, the USBL is declared on the COM1 port in the Device manager, and in NmeaRouter, the USBL_in connection is on the COM12 port. For what?

Below is the screenshot of my configuration:


I had the same issue with com0com ‘use ports class’ box and it ceased to work (I think at some point a windows update made it stop working, I’d love to know if you can get it fixed!), since then I’ve used a program called virtual serial port emulator (not free) with the same port setup.

The purpose of my setup is com1 the USBL feed is going to pinpoint where I can view and log boat position & ROV position, that same data is output onto COM13 (from pinpoint) and paired to COM12 (using com0com), then NMEA router pushes ROV gps position into Qgroundcontrol using the UDP port. This enables me to have ROV GPS position on my Qgroundcontrol recordings and on a seperate .pplog file (which then i can export to .csv)

A similar thing is done with the topside GPS but I think you can potentially remove COM10 and COM11 pairs and just use COM6 (in your case) as an NMEA input in Pinpoint.