QGC with Mac Parallels

Anyone has experience running QGC in Windows installed on Mac using Parallels?
It seems like there’s quite a bit of video latency when doing so, haven’t managed to locate a reason for that (same setup works good on a windows laptop with no latency).
We are using Parallels since we need windows to run some other software that don’t run on Mac (Blueprint’s Pinpoint) together with QGC.

Hi Oded!

While I’ve used an M1 Mac with parallels, I chose to use QGC natively in MacOS. Driving the vehicle from there, and switching to parallels for the third party software (connected in Windows via virtualHere BlueOS extension) worked great! This approach may work better for you, with the extra layer of virtualization used only where you need it!

Have fun!


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the quick and good advice! I’m pretty novice with Mac, just setting a system for a researcher client and trying to find the best setup with his Mac.

While you are using the QGC on Mac the windows software can keep on running in the background?

Sounds like it could be a solution in some cases but in others we would need both software visible, since the windows based software is navigation that we need to see.

Hi Oded -
Yes, parallels apps keep running while you’re looking at QGC. You can also pull windows from Windows (haha) to be right next to MacOS ones, so viewing both on same screen or multiple monitors shouldn’t be an issue.


Hi Anthony,

That’s great to know that!
I really appreciate you answering on that, much appreciated!
We’ll give it a try asap.

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