Python-MAVsdk Ardusub connection

Hi all,

I am trying to control Ardusub via a python script running on the companion computer. Its seems the popular approach for this is to use pyMavlink or mavlink2rest.

I have managed to get both pyMavlink and mavlink2rest to be able to arm and disarm the vehicle, however I am interested in using MAVsdk-python for its higher level of abstraction from building mavlink messages.

Setting up a UDP endpoint server from BlueOS I am able to connect to it via pyMavlink with ‘master = mavutil.mavlink_connection(‘udpout:’)’

However when I try a similar connection with MAVsdk, the program hangs and doesn’t connect. 'await drone.connect(system_address=“udp://:9000”) ’

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this connection going or any examples of mavsdk being used with ardusub?



hi bro ,Can you send rc value to rc channel by mavlink in C/C++ ? thx


Thanks for the reply. It is less about streaming RC values, we would like high level control of vehicle state given sensor values etc.

ok thank you