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Python 3 usage, installing packages and running?

Hi Folks
Anybody have any success using python3-specific code on board their companion RPi? I have an ADC board that I need to use and it is python3-only. I see that python 3 and 3.4 are present on the RPi companion build, but I can’t get anything to work using python3, step 1 being using pip3 to install some packages related to my hardware. Anybody have any advice? I admit to being fairly python illiterate.

Hi Richard,

Can you specify what is your exactly problem ?
You should explain what is your actual problem rather than your attempted solution.
Please, include more information with details about your problem and if you tried to do something about this, share what you have done and the details if possible.
If you can, please provide screenshots, code output, a minimal example, step-by-step to replicate your problem and etc, anything that can help us to identify what you are facing, this will certainly help you and us to find the best solution for you :slight_smile: .