Protecting Dome Acrylic

How do you protect the camera dome acrylic, like from scratching during transport and such.

Are there any neoprene hood or protecting cover that can be used? Like I own a Canon underwater camera with wide camera INON underwater lens that plastic cover and neoprene hood came with it.

Maybe something that BlueRobotics could manufacture and sell ? Just food for thoughts.

Regards, Thor

Hi @diveexplorer,

That’s not something we sell, and I’m not aware of targeted solutions for it. When we ship our electronics enclosures they come with bubble wrap over the dome, and I’m aware that some community members transport their ROVs in foam-padded cases. You may also be able to use a swimming cap or similar, or perhaps a 3D print.

I’ll raise this internally to see if it’s something we want to look into, but I expect it would need additional interest from the community before we would consider making a set of products for dome protection - I think domes are usually most likely to get scratched while operating too close to sharp objects, rather than in storage / during transport.

It’s perhaps worth noting that a hard plastic cover would involve manufacturing an additional dome, which would presumably be prohibitively expensive, especially without large volumes. Something fabric-based may be more feasible, but could still be challenging to manufacture with higher quality than simpler DIY solutions while selling it at a competitive price.

Thanks, Eliot, for giving your time to answer my questions. This is something that I needed to mention. It could be a great additional extra for those who are working a lot on the fly, and also on board boats, ribs, etc… sometimes you don’t have the time or just want the ROV to sit on the deck between missions than it could be good to have some kind a protection for the dome. But of course I understand that it needs to be more interest in the community. But the idea about the swimming cap is a good starter for me :slight_smile:

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