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Aluminium shell around acrylic tube?


Just wondering if anyone experimented with building a protective enclosure to encapsulate the acrylic tube in?
Then why not opt for the aluminium case to begin with, you might ask…

I’d really only need a ~20cm x 3cm rectangular cutout that’s transparent alongside, of the entire body.
So I figured I could just slide the acrylic enclosure inside a more robust aluminium tube already prepared with the cutout, that has threaded end caps which adds one more level of security so it’s both compression fit and locked down.
Then it’s really built like a tank, robust piece of hardware resistant to knocks or anything you throw at it really.

Please note it’s not for a ROV but more of a static application where it’s mounted and doesn’t have to move on its own, so the housing comprises of the entire hardware.

I’m open to any ideas though.