6 inch Acrylic clear Dome

I need a 6 inches clear dome for our ROV. Does blue robotics offer a 6 inches dome in acrylic?

Sorry @Fiestl, we do not have any 6" domes.

I have noticed that there is one posted on the bluerobotics website. Someone custom built a robot with the 6 inch enclosure and a front and back dome. Any ideas who makes that dome ? Here is a picture of it.

These people charged me $140.ea for (2) custom 8" acrylic ‘blown’ hemispheres with 1/2" minimum wall thickness at the apex. I’m sure they would be able to help you.

Perusing their website they have a 6" hemisphere in stock, but be warned it may only be 1/16" thick at the apex. Hemispheres are very strong in compression however, so down to 100m this MAY work fine. 6" Clear Acrylic Hemisphere - Plastic Domes and Spheres

PS. I would never use clear acrylic as the main tube, it is too weak and WILL implode. I personally use aluminum pipe from www.onlinemetals.com which sheds heat wonderfully but one might get by with PVC or even steel tubing if weight is not an issue.

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Hello, does anyone know a calculator or formula in order to determine acrylic dome thickness with diameters and pressure?
I have also a calculator but only for flat acrylic disk.
I have to check if acrylic dome is a reasonable solution for depth around 6000 feets!! [2000m].
It’s not for a ROV but for a autonomous underwater instrument in order to record video film to observe ecosystem in Austral Sea.

Anyone else using a 6 inch plexiglass dome? We are currently using the BR 4" enclosure & dome on a custom ROV, but we have so much electronics in there - it’s stuffed to the gills. We just had an ESC go out on us, and that means opening up the enclosure, and doing some surgery. It’s very hard to work in such a tight space. So we’d like to move to the BR 6" enclosure (and do a custom electronics tray), but prefer to have a dome vs flat endcap. Thanks, Chris

On our website we link to a Pressure Vessel Calculator software, which works for multiple enclosure types, including dome end caps.

Unfortunately I don’t have experience with larger enclosures, but there are a few suppliers around that can do acrylic domes, including the one @Oddmar linked to above.

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