Propeller spare

hi i need to know if you sale the propeller for spare parts



Hi Alain,

We will be selling spare parts on our store soon, including the propeller. The propellers are very strong and it’s unlikely that they will be damaged, but you can also use them with the M100 Motor or in other applications.

We will get the propeller listed as soon as we can. Please check back in a few days.



I received a spare prop with my t100 kickstarter order. Is that just a spare or is it for a different use? How do I get the prop off? Just pull?

Hi Ron,

The extra propeller is a counter-rotating prop. If you use your thrusters in pairs, you might want to use the counter-rotating prop to counter torque so that your vehicle does not rotate.

To change the propeller, remove the nozzle by removing the four outer screws, then remove the two screws holding the propeller to the brushless motor. You should be able to pull it off but they can be a little snug occasionally. We’ll make a quick tutorial on how to do this in the near future.

Let us know if you have any trouble.