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Wrong propeller?

(Steve) #1

Just started testing your T200. It seems to have more power backwards than forwards. I assume the pointy small cone without the ESC is forward? I’m guessing you’ve installed the wrong prop? Should I install the other one instead? How can I tell by looking which one is correct? Would it be easier just to turn around the whole unit? Does it matter which of those I choose to reverse? Thanks for your time!

Love your product!


(Rusty) #2

Hi Steve,

Actually, the pointy cone is the back so I think you’ve got everything right. The round nose in front helps to make the water flow smoothly and the cone at the back prevents the water flow from becoming turbulent and decreasing efficiency. It’s the same general shape you’d see on a passenger jet or a torpedo.

The other prop wouldn’t change anything because it is still designed to push in the same direction, just spin the opposite direction.

Glad you like the thruster otherwise!


(Steve) #3

Excellent advice! I installed the whole unit backwards. I thought I checked your picture first. My mistake. It really does make a difference! So the bigger longer piece with the ESC and LEDs is the front?

(Steve) #4

It’s not just the cones. The props are both more efficient in one direction than the other right?

(Rusty) #5


Great! You are correct, the longer end with the ESC is the front. The propellers both push water towards the tail cone, but they spin in opposite directions to do so. If you have two thrusters, you can install one of each propeller so that they are pushing in the same direction but spinning in opposite directions to cancel torque.