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Problem with leveling horizon

(Jacob) #21

Can you send us a picture of how everything is hooked up?

This is the only documentation on it: https://www.ardusub.com/operators-manual/full-parameter-list.html#ahrsorientation-board-orientation.

This is not normal, the attitude messing up may be a result of the pressure sensor malfunctioning. Can you take a picture of everything put togetehr?

(Jay Abraham) #22

will do, when get access to the ROV at my schools lab, i send some pics

(Jay Abraham) #23

my bad i post the pics of the wiring to the wrong post. here is a link

(Jacob) #24

You’ve made the signal wires for the pressure sensor much too long. I2C bus is sensitive to wire length, the 12" lead on the sensor is already about as long as it can possibly be and still work correctly. You should try to connect the pressure sensor directly to the pixhawk i2c port.

(Jay Abraham) #25

This is wonderful. Thank you soooo much!!! Should i buy a new pressure sensor in order to fix the problem