Problem with instaling Extensions

HI, all. I’m a new user of the blueboat. This is first unit in Poland.
I have a problem installing the extensions. I use BlueOs 1.2.4, but i also tried 1.2.3 version. Still any extension are failed to instal :confused: What can be a problem. I see information from LOG: {“detail”:“[{‘loc’: (‘query’, ‘container_name’), ‘msg’: ‘field required’, ‘type’: ‘value_error.missing’}]”}.
The Extension folder is empty.

Hi @WST, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve asked internally, and am told

It would be helpful if you could provide some system logs so we can take a closer look.

After couple tries, I decided to reinstall system. This was easiest way to create a working system. I think there was a problem with Linux.
I used the Navigator software Setup site, and now I can install all extensions.

There are some errors when I try to load BlueBoat parameters like: NL_ACRO_BLINKS and all group off NL_ parameters are unavailable.


That means the navlight lua script is not loaded. I recommend setting up the boat from the wizard to setup params and script

I used BlueOS wizard, all components was mark as done (on green).
Can I restart the wizard in BlueOS to reset BB settings and parameters?