Problem with Fathom-X


i have a jetson nano and oak-d camera connected to it, the nano sends the oak-d frames to my laptop using vidgear at 30 fps.

when i connect fathom x to this network the frames drop to 12.

any ideas?

Hi @Salem,

I don’t know your setup and haven’t used vidgear, so my assumptions and suggestion might be completely wrong.

Could it be that you are hitting the bandwith limit of the Fathom X solution?

OAK-D are capable of outputting video feeds requiring a much higher bandwidth than the <100mbps of Fathom X can handle. See: FAQs & How-To — DepthAI Docs documentation

You might be able to adjust your configuration to limit the bandwidth requirements of the video stream, e.g. using h.265/HEVC at 25mbps bit rate.

I would really like to hear more about your plans and results using OAK-D.

I plan to use multiple OAK-D units with a prototype drone that I have been working on. But other more pressing activities have sadly delayed the effort with the drone for several months now.

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