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Problem rstp protocol 4k ip camera in qgroundcontrol

Hi everyone,

I have the following problem when using the rstp protocol with 4k ip camera in qgroundcontrol.
If I use the resolution 1920x1080 or 2k the image is perfectly visible, if I increase the resolution to 4k the image in qgroundcontrol is seen in a magenta tone.
If I use the same rstp protocol with VLC in 4k it also looks perfectly.

I think the problem is in the gstreamer that the image must be set to 1920x1080 because in the web browser of the camera itself it looks perfectly and in VLC too.

Can somebody help me? Is it possible to change the rstp resolution configuration in gstreamer to 4k? How would it be done in case this was the problem?

I attach photos of the problem:

Thanks and regards

Hi Andres,

Can you please try QGC 4.0 ? We got some huge improvements in the video backend.


Many thanks Patrick!!!

A success, it looks very fluid and can be recorded directly with qgroundcontrol through rstp stream.

Thank you very much, I’ve been playing with the gstreamr for many days and doing a thousand tests. Great

Best regards

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Out of interest, does the ASS subtitle overlay work with the 4k stream?

The ASS is just a subtitle file, it should work in any video format and resolution that your player can handle.

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I agree with Patrick.

Anyway in the IP camera you can also modify the titles and superimpose text through the web browser.


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