Problem arming the ROV


I have a little problem to arm the ROV. My ROV is working, i have a connection and I can tilt the camera, turn on the light and everything, but when i try to arm it it shows up this message. : PreArm: Bad GPS Position, The vehicle has failed a pre-arm check. In order to arm the vehicle, resolve the failure. " So i cant arm the ROV or drive it. ? Anybody gotten this before?

Hi @Diver1, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Does your ROV have a positioning sensor added to it (e.g. UGPS, DVL, etc)? If not, you should be able to resolve the issue from QGroundControl’s Safety Setup Page (in the Vehicle settings) by turning off the GPS-related pre-arm checks at the bottom.

If you do have a positioning sensor you’ll need to make sure it’s connected and configured correctly, or it may be broken.

Hello again!

Thanks for your answer and help!
I just had to turn off gps in the vehicle settings like you said.

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