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Motor setup installation failed

When ever I try to setup the motor’s direction from Qground and arm the vehicle, Qground disarms the vehicle and give me a warning “motor setup installation failed” and I have to wait 10 seconds to cool down and keeps giving warning and doesn’t work until I restart Qground.
any hints what may be causing this problem also where can I find other version for Qground and ArduSub tp try and find a stable version.

Are you trying the auto detect feature?

If so, is your ROV in the water?

I am trying to and the vehicle is on water, the thing is that it doesn’t even give me a chance to change motor direction manually.

Can you post pictures of your complete setup c/w qgc snapshots?

Same as with Youssef. When arming in motor setup it rolls back after 1 second and needs to cooldown for 10. I have only tried the out of water manual config.

Qground - v4.1.2
Ardu- 4.0.3
Comp - 0.0.21

have u tired pymavlink on ur ROV?