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Pressure vessel shape

Hi everyone. I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience in building a non tubular pressure vessel?
I understand the reasons as to why tube designs are used and I have used the deep sea software.
I’m interested to know if anyone has any software or knowledge of cube shaped pressure vessels.
For instance if tube had to be X thickness to get to D depth then a cube would have to be Y thickness.
I’m not wanting to fill the vessel with oil as the parts are pressure sensitive .
All the best


FYI. I put a 100mm x 75mm x 50mm aluminum enclosure in our pressure tank and pressed it to 500m and it didn’t leak.

Cool. Thanks for the info.
What was the wall thickness ?

Hi Paul - I edited my previous post - I write 500mm when I meant to write 50mm which is a pretty significant difference!
The wall thickness is 9mm.