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4inch enclosure middle bulkhead

On the topic of improving an already great product, I am finally going in production of my prototype for this middle bulkhead project I have been wanting to do for a while now.

This will address a few issues:

  • 24 penetrators in total (All threaded in)
  • Possibility to add an aft camera
  • More space in the enclosure
  • Enclosure is secured with bolts

Making the first prototype with 6063-T6 aluminum and anodized blue.

I strongly suggest the use of a tail whip for the tether connection on that one :slight_smile:

More info here: https://forum.deltarov.com/t/4inch-enclosure-middle-bulkhead/31

The o-ring flanges will be available separately.

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How much do you charge for crushinator tests?

Hi @etienne - We haven’t done testing for others in the Crushinator up to this point, so I’d have to think about that. Would you want to test to a certain depth or to failure?


I just remember you offering this service in another post if I am not mistaken.

Although it would be fun to test it to failure, I would rather not waste it lolllllllllll

What is the usual practice if you want to rate it to a certain depth? you crush it 1.25x rated depth?

We usually try to have a good safety factor like 1.5. You can learn a lot from a single test. To truly qualify something for a particular pressure we typically cycle it to that pressure 10 times, holding it for up to 24 hours during the last cycle.

Ok that sounds good to me.

I would want to test to the unit to same depth as your dome to remain consistent with your product.

Do you have any data on the acrylic for shorter length?

I am looking at making the tubes in aluminum to reach 500m.

Hi Etienne,

Okay. The domes will go much deeper than the acrylic tubes. Very short acrylic tubes will go deeper as well but not 500 meters. I’d recommend using Under Pressure to help figure out depth ratings at various lengths.

When you want to think about the test more, please shoot me an email about it.


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