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Depth Ratin of the T200's?

(Aaron Settle) #1

Hey, looks like a great product! just wanted to know if you have done any pressure testing on it? and if so how deep?




(Rusty) #2


We have done pressure testing on the T100 but we haven’t had a chance to share the results yet. We will be posting a detailed description of the tests soon hopefully.

The tests were static tests (not powered), and the thrusters were tested to a maximum depth of 3000 meters (4500 psi). There was no damage or change in performance whatsoever. We’re hoping to do some powered tests in the future.

How deep are you looking to go?


(Harold Scadden) #3

Frankly if the units have been static tested to 4500 psi and you didn’t have implosion or damage to any of the motor windings, everything should be good to go. I am assuming, since I read it on here somewhere, that since the motors are free flood there should be no counter forces working on the drive shaft etc. under pressure.

The only thing I could see over time is build up of salts etc. but if you follow the directions and flush the motors with fresh water after use, that will go a long way to prevent shortened life.

Some other issues that might happen, and this all depends on the design of the unit you are mounting the thrusters on, is possible cathodic corrosion over time. Depending on if the thrusters are acting like an anode to other metal around it … that is when all the wonderful things happen and you will get break down over time.

But again, if the motors operated after being compressed to 4500 psi, I wouldn’t loose sleep over it. I don’t think there are a lot of people that are going to be cruising their ROV at 3000 meters. In the case of the test results, you are going to have a very long list of other things to worry about before the thrusters become an issue.


(Rusty) #4


I think (and hope) we’ll be okay at those pressures as well. I’m pretty confident they’ll work just fine but can’t be 100% sure until we try it! I doubt most people will need to go to 300m, let alone 3000m.