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Power Sense Module (New R2 Version)

I rececly purchased the power sense module (R2 version) and several other parts including the power therminal blocks. I ran into a few issues;

  1. The “U” shaped connectors are too wide for the slots on theminal blocks and will need to be grinded a bit on both side to fit properly.

  2. The cable that came with the module will not fit my PX4 Pixhawk Autopilot PIX 2.4.8. I have another cable that came with the Pixhawk that is very similar that fits nicely but not to the module. I could combine the two, but thought I might ask here first.

Thank you,

  1. I will let @adam
  2. ‘Pixhawk 2.4.8’ are clones from china that sometimes use a different connector than df13, which is what the original units use (and our sensors use). The socket shape is different.

Hi @MattPe,

  1. That shouldn’t be the case. The spades on the power sense module are right at the limit of what can fit the terminal block and do need to screwed down perfectly straight to keep from bending, but they should fit without any modification. Is it possible yours were bent or angled at all? Do you have any measurements of how wide they were before grinding them down? I just measured some in production, they are 8.3 mm wide and fit fine.


Thanks, I was not aware that they were clones. Is there any known issues working with them?
I will measure the spades on the power module tonight, the are perfectly straight.

As you’ve found, the connectors are not standard. They have also made some changes in the circuitry and components that will make it less robust but cheaper to produce

The software should function as usual.

Thanks for all your help so far. I measured the spades and you are correct they are 8.3mm wide. I also measured the distance between the blocks and they are 8.1mm. I measured a lot of them on both sides reporting the same measurement. I don’t see how this will fit in a single slot without modification, at least with the parts that I have. Maybe I got a different block than what you have in stock. At any rate, I will be able to make it work.

Thank you,