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Power in Fathom FTXI

I read for a long ROV tether, the solution is to provide direct 5V power supply to the Fathom board from the 220/5V adapter.
Where can i find this adaptater and where i plug it on the FTXI ??

Hi @JeanBenoit,

Are you having connectivity problems or what are you trying to accomplish?

If your laptop USB port can’t supply enough power to the FXTI then you can use a USB hub that has its own power supply, something like this: powered USB hub.

Hi @dgudiel,
I use BR2 Heavy with 200m slim ROV tether to dive deep. Sometime an slight pixelation on my screen ( HP ProBook 450G6 I7 16goRam, Intel UHD graphics 620) but I am using OBS Studio to record the screen and have the diving parameters (pending the stable version of QGC which will make the SSA file.)
Maybe too heavy to have QGC and OBS for my graphics card ??
Thanks for you advices

@JeanBenoit have you tested to see if this only occurs when you’re running OBS at the same time? Does the pixelation happen when you are not using it?

We also have a number of troubleshooting tips documented for video streaming performance here: https://www.ardusub.com/troubleshooting/troubleshooting.html#poor-video-streaming-performance

Hi @dgudiel,
I tested the connection and I am only around a 35mbps … I will test live by RJ45 to diagnose the fathoms-X and cables.
thanks for your advice