Possible useful software-dual RTSP plus data overlay

Hi all,
Just posting a link here for some software we developed which others may find useful.

Q Ground Control worked well for us for a long time, but was overkill for drop/tow camera operations, plus we wanted a few extra options.

So we developed HELM, which allows you to view and independently record up to 2 RTSP video streams. It also allows overlay of GPS position/heading/date/time/water depth/water temp, as well as a customisable text field to label transect/site name. HELM enables topside control of lighting etc (for our camera systems). HELM also generates a daily CSV log file so the data can be used in post-processing.

At the moment, depth/temp data is setup to work with firmware we have running on a subsea Pi Pico. Other functions like light dimming etc is also limited to using SPOT X firmware on the Pi Pico. We may look at integrating with the Navigator boards if there is interest.

Thought it may be of interest to users who are running drop/tow cameras, let us know your thoughts and suggestions.