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Syncing time between Data Stream from Pixhawk and Video

I am trying to implement a custom video overlay feature into our ROV. During the thought process, I was wondering how the data stream rate and time of video would match?

Any thought process?


Good day,

I am also looking to get a reader for the logs of the ROV.

I would like to match the time, depth, temp, heading and other values with the video, so in that way the video has some meaning.


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Hello Luis,

Typically for data overlays with third-party software, you have to manually sync video and data. I think you may be able use the sensors reading of when the sub is thrown into the water.
Or maybe turn 360 once in the water and use that moment to sync?

@luis.chavez, we are working on a solution to overlay the telemetry on the video output from QGC: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/7286
Right now, our recommendation is to use a screen recording software.

@rnr, you can use the timestamp of the video file and the telemetry file to synchronize them, they are both saved with the operating system time.

You can also do something like turn the lights on/off, or tilt the camera up/down, look at the timestamp of when the lights changed in the telemetry log, and look for the lights to come on in the video.

Hi Jacob,

thanks for the tricks,

Looking foreward to have the propertelematry functionality on the the software. for the timebeing I using bandycam application to record the screen. It works OK so far.