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Possible causes for ESC burning down


Hi, after calibrating the ESCs, we was running some tests on our pixhawk quadcopter, one of the motors wasn’t spinning as fast, so the drone was tilting to one side. At very low throttle one side of the drone was lifting slightly faster, so we were scared of increading the throttle, so we tested higher throttles while holding the quad in place, after lots of test, we decided to test at max throttle, one of the ESC’s started smoking and the exterior of it melted. I don’t know what happened, i think holding it in place is what caused the motors to pull too much current, but is this correct? We tought that it was something in the PCB of the frame, or a defective ESC. What is the most likely case in this scenario? Before this, before calibrating the ESCs, we did notice one of them heating up more than the others, but we don’t know if that is the one that burned.

My build is:
2212 920Kv readytosky motors
30A simonk ESC with 5V2A linear BEC
2200 mAh 30C 3S battery
frame f450
1045 props

Thanks in advance.

(TCIII) #2


You might want to ask for support for your question over here.


(Patrick José Pereira) #3


You should take a look in ArduPilot/ArduCopter forum, this one is for ArduSub and related :wink: