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Position holding (loitering ?) buoybots

Hi all - complete newbie hear with plenty of passion to develop a solution for setting self positioning buoys for RC yacht racing.

I like what i see from your contributor Daniel Carson (and else where on you tube) regarding the hull for the prototype being a small boogie board, two maybe three thrusters underneath.

The aim is to launch up to six buoy bots that will take them self to positions (within line of sight) in roughly rectagular course determined from a touch screen handset of some type with a map - “you touch the map and the buoy(s) takes itself there”. If the course needs to change due to change in wind direction, buoys will (when told) realign to new positions but the same distances and angles relative to each other as there starting positions. After a days racing little boats, buoybots all come home - no more old blokes faffing in boats around doing all that manually !

max size say 500mm in any direction, weight say 5kg each max, position accuracy less than +/- 500mm would be ideal. Six buoys per race. Thousands of RC boats clubs around the world would fall over themselves for a cost effectve solution.

Any tips for me where to start ?

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That sounds like a cool application! Check out ArduRover. I think the OMNI setup would work well for a buoy.

The user interface should be doable using mavlink for communication.
I think 50cm using GPS may be hard to achieve, but you would have to check that.