Help im a noob but I work with seabed survey


I have been thinking about a project i wanna build for some time. A special kind of survey boat. To do it i need a complete set up as the blueboat has with the long range directional antenna. But I will not be needing, batteries,motor/thrusters, hull. The rest i do need , which means I need everything to controle a survey boat.

Been looking all these ardu, pixie and so on, i dont understand what all of these diffrent things are. Im trying to read up but, many of you prob know exactly what I need soo HELP !! :joy:

You’re going to have to tell us more about your intended use.

You are providing your own boat, but you have no control/navigation/etc electronics yet?

What sort of survey? Visual-light imaging or sonar?

Big picture, it sounds like you would probably need a radio, an antenna, a single-board computer (Raspberry Pi 4 is the standard around here), a motor controller/control board (the Navigator board is BlueRobotics’ choice).

There’s obviously plenty more, but without knowing your needs, it’s hard to help more!

I will be running a complete Norbit Wmbs (multibeam) for bathymetry survey. The boats we use are very bad in places where we encounter high currents(4 knots and up )

Running the norbit system is handled as its a complete system. ( gonna do at teamview kinda setup to controle that system via the onboard laptop is possible)

I found the motors and proppellers i want for the boat. And the boat I will make my self.
It going to be a highspeed capable boat hopefully doing 20-30 knots. ( to hopefully have enough power to navigate/steer upstream even in 10knots currents.

Batteries will be torqeedo batteries as we already use them for or our other boats. 29volts.

What i really like is the blueboat controle system where you can make a “mission plan” and the boat does it automaticly. We have that kind of system now on our boats but its "locked to the boat setup we use "

Would like to be able to controle the boat even if im a 1 km away, pref when BR makes the 4g option available it will be implimented.

As of now i have a laptop for onboard controle(navigation) and a laptop for remote controle.

So if i managed to explain it good enough hehe
I need to from the laptop at shore to controle/navigate the boat, pref at long distances. The onboad controlles need to controle a 2 motor setup. It needs to know where it is by an onboard gps antenna( the more precise the better ) it needs to drive automaticly to a gps point and stay there.

So you could say i have a “shore laptop” a boat with 2 motors with speed controllers, A payload and an laptop to use for the onboard control ( maybe a raspi is good enough. But it has the run control/navigation and give me acces to the payload computer via eth cable. On or boats we use laptops but that might be overkill haha )

Hope this helped

forgot to mention that i would like it to have RTK for positioning / maneauvering

So my shopping list so far:

Pixhawk cube (orange ?)
Here+ and base.
Cube telemetry kit

Anything i forgot ?