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PixHawk Mini / PixFalcon

(jakkala kalvik) #1

Are there any features unique to the original Pixhawk stopping me from switching to the PixHawk mini?
I know that the Mini has 8 pwm outputs, I2C bus , switch and the power models. As far as I know that’s all we need for the ROV/ROV2. And the MIni still used the px4 flight stack. Although the PixHawk is placed on the Pi making the space we save pretty useless I am planning on replacing the Pi with a Nvidia Jetson TX1. So should I switch to the PixHawk mini or are there any issues with doing that?

(Jacob) #2


I don’t know of anyone who is using the Pixhawk Mini. The only downside I can see is the limited number of pwm outputs. There are just enough to run the BlueROV2. Wiring might be a little awkward or messy using a PWM breakout rather than a servo rail.

I know that the Pixhawk Mini will definitely not work with ArduSub 3.4, but it should work with the current development version and the next release. If it doesn’t, then fixing whatever isn’t working and completing support could be done quickly.