Ping1D Echo sounder not working properly

I am testing Ping1D Echo sounder with Vega Aries board it is giving Distance and Confidence value for some time later it stops giving values but same library and code is perfectly working with Arduino Mega. What may be the issue?

Hi @Gowthami -
Without seeing your code, and assuming it is a direct copy-paste between IDEs, I’d theorize that some supporting libraries are different between the two architectures. From a quick search, it seems the Vega Aries is based on RISC-V processor architecture, which is very different from ATMega. Adding print statements to each stage of the code may help you determine where something hangs up!

#include "ping1d.h"
UARTClass uart1(1);
Ping1D ping { uart1 };

void setup() {

  if (!ping.initialize()) {
      Serial.println("Ping device failed to initialize!");
      delay(1000);  // Wait before retrying initialization
  return; // Skip the rest of the loop if initialization fails
    Serial.println("Setup completed");

void loop() {
  Serial.println("loop start");
  if (ping.update())
    Serial.print("Distance: ");
    Serial.print("Confidence: ");
   else {
    Serial.println("No update received");

  delay(100); // Adjust delay time as needed

  Serial.println("loop end");

This is my code. After getting distance and confidence for some time it is stuck at loop started it is not entering into ping.update

Hi @Gowthami, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

By this do you mean your code starts printing “No update received” (in which case there may be some issue with the connection to the sensor), or does it stop printing anything at all (in which case your board may be crashing/failing or something)?

It stops printing distance and confidence, but device id, device type are continuously printing