Altimeter sonar (ping sonar) is not working

Dear Sir,

I have interfaced ping sonar with ardiuno mega as suggested in the given manual (,Arduino%20or%20any%20other%20microcontroller.) and arduino mega ping example however it has n’t initialized. it has been displaying as initializing failed . Pins Connected as green to arduino mega Tx1 and white to ardiuno mega RX1 red 5v and block GND.

Hi @shakeera,

This setup works fine for me, so a few questions:

  1. Does the sensor work as expected when connecting it to your computer and using Ping Viewer?
  2. Are you using the latest version (0.1.2) of our ping-arduino library?
  3. Can you double check the connections (e.g. make sure the red wire is in 5V, not 3.3V, and that green and white are in 18 and 19, etc)?