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Can't connect to sonar

Hi all!

I have a ping sonar that I bought quite a while back. It’s been in the box until now and I’m trying to start it up.

When I try to start it with any Arduino I have all I get is this:

I have tried all three versions of the code I can find. I have tried 9600 and 115200 baud rate.

Does anyone have more tips to try?

Hi @Petmonkey ,

Did you follow our guide ?

Remember to double check if the RX and TX are not swapped.


I did. I have tried both with pc and Mac as well. I have found three different versions of your code as well. Different baud rates. Switching the serial cables.

Do you know if there’s a way to check if it works without getting it connected?



The simple example should work, if not, double check your connections to make sure that everything is connected with an multimeter, remember to use short wires to avoid any communication problem.

Hi Patrick!

I have checked all the connections and it’s still not working. I’m out of ideas.