Issue with Param Loading for Ping1D Sonar on Pixhawk through Telemetry


I’m currently facing an issue with connecting the Ping1D sonar to my Pixhawk through telemetry. I’ve followed the instructions outlined in the ArduPilot documentation to set up the Ping1D, and when I connect it directly via USB, everything works perfectly fine.

However, when I try to connect through telemetry, I’m encountering a problem where the parameters are not fully loaded. This is causing some functionality issues that I’m struggling to resolve.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue or have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve it? I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice on how to get the Ping1D sonar functioning correctly through telemetry on my Pixhawk.

But this was working on mission planner

Hi @Sakthivelj -
This guide may be helpful?
Have you turned on mavlink messages for the Ping Sonar in BlueOS?

To display the sonar range data in QGround Control ( I think this is what you are asking?) you can click the lock icon on the bottom center bar, and then add or edit a value. You’d then select the rangefinder value from the list, like this:

That should do the trick!

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Thanks @tony-white your suggestion sounds promising! I’m excited to try it out.

However, I’m also wondering if there’s a way to access ping1d data without using blueos.

Any insights on alternative methods would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Sakthivelj -
The Ping2 outputs data in serial format, this can be read via USB or directly into a microcontroller. BlueOS just provides a means to ingest this data alongside everything else required for ROV operation - video, ArduSub firmware, etc.
Checkout our guide to using the Ping2 with Arduino or you could access on a Raspberry Pi directly via python.

Thanks, @tony-white Enabling the Mavlink distance has resolved my requirements. It’s working well.

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