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Ping viewer don't work

Hello BlueRobotics,
I’m using Ping 1D with arduino mega. There is no problem on arduino side. I see the data arduino’s serial monitor. When I open the ping-view, can’t connect, can’t see the data. I tried the troubleshoots page. I installed driver etc.

Hi @sefasrts, welcome to the forum!

I’m a bit unsure how you’ve got your connections set up. Are you trying to do
Ping1D -> Arduino -> Computer (PingViewer)? The ping-arduino library is for allowing you to control your ping device with an Arduino, and you can send and view the data stream on a computer that’s connected to the Arduino’s serial, but the data has no way to get from there to the PingViewer application.

PingViewer is intended to connect to a Ping device using either a direct USB connection, or a streamed internet connection over a local network (e.g. how the Bluerobotics companion computer streams the ping data over the tether).

If I’ve misunderstood please provide some additional information about how you’ve got your connections and software set up so we can provide some more in-depth help :slight_smile:

Hello EliotInsight.

Yes I’m Trying to do Ping1D → Arduino → Computer (PingViewer).

I thought, I can see the data thanks to arduino. Should Ping1D be connected to PingViewer without arduino? If it is, why we using or connecting to arduino?

I think that, if I see the data on arduino also I can see the data on pingViewer while connecting to arudino to computer.

What do you suggest to me, Ping1d should connect to computer without arduino?

Finally, This device emits a acoustic wave and captures this acoustic wave. If I prevent it from broadcasting the acoustic wave, can I use it to listen to the acoustic wave coming from outside?

Thank you.

As mentioned on the ping sonar page

The Ping can be connected to a microcontroller device, such as an Arduino, or to a computer through a BLUART USB to Serial adapter.

If you want to use PingViewer you’ll need to do either

  • Ping1D → BLUART USB to Serial adapter → computer (PingViewer), or
  • Ping1D → BLUART USB to Serial adapter → Raspberry Pi (companion) → tether/ethernet cable → computer (PingViewer)

The Arduino is just an option if you want to use it for controlling the Ping1D with code, generally as part of some other system. It’s not related to PingViewer, and if you’re using an Arduino to control the Ping1D then it won’t be able to be accessed by PingViewer at the same time.

Yes, if you want to use PingViewer :slight_smile:

Ping1D is made to be an active distance measurement sensor, so is only set up to send signals and receive those signals. If you want to listen to arbitrary (human-hearable) sounds in the water then you’ll want to use either the microphone that comes as part of the bluerobotics low light camera (QGroundControl automatically connects to this), or you’ll need to purchase and set up some other microphone inside the enclosure, or a hydrophone outside the enclosure.

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