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Ping 360 slow and incunsistant scanning speed

I am having an issue with my new ping 360, when I first set it up is seemed to work fine, I went out to test my ROV (didn’t end up using the ping 360 on this dive) when I got back the Ping 360 scan is slow and sometimes stalls if I try to speed it up it scans in a jerky motion.

I switched computers and the other computer it works fine but when I switch back to the first computer I have the same issue again, I tried deleting ping viewer and copying the files, but that didn’t work, is there a place where I can delete all the settings to start fresh?

I am also having Latency issues with control’s and video playback has a lot of lag, I am Running windows 10 on an I5 I think it should have plenty enough power

I bypassed the USB ethernet connector and directly plugged the connector into my laptops ethernet now everything works smooth, ping 360 scans nice and fast, No latency or blackouts in the video, and the Ping 1 D is working also.