Ping360 short range demonstration

Here’s a clip from about a year ago when I played with the Ping360 next to a concrete wall corner. It was only about 2 feet deep, so there’s a few times when the sonar unit sticks out of the water and doesn’t get any returns for a few seconds.
I thought this might be useful for people who wanted to see the short range capabilities, or at least what it was like for me in this situation.


Thanks for sharing @btrue :slight_smile:

Seems like the water was low visibility, and had some quite large particles which appear in the sonar scan (perhaps brought up by the thrusters, given you mentioned the water wasn’t particularly deep).

3:40 provides a good indication of how a scanning sonar ‘image’ distorts when the vehicle is rotating against the scanning direction, and then with the scanning direction a few passes later.

Reminds me of similar footage we took at my previous company while doing some infrastructure inspections :slight_smile: