Ping 360 Reference Frame

Hello guys,

I wanted to ask if there is anybody that knows how and where the reference frame of the ping 360 is placed. I assume X is in front (north) Y is right (east) and Z is down, but I would also like to know what is the location of the frame.


Hi @bogdanbelenis, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure what you’re asking here - the Ping360 is a sonar device, and has no sense of how it is mounted or which way it is facing. Its orientation depends on where and how you install it.

In case it’s helpful,

In addition, if you’re using a Ping360 on a vehicle (like the BlueROV2) with a MAVLink-based autopilot then in our Ping Viewer application there’s a heading integration option which allows the displayed sector scan to rotate to account for (horizontal) vehicle rotations.