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Ping360 - ahead line


we have installed the Ping360. We believe the line ahead ist not looking direktly forward. It seems it is twisted nearly 40 - 45 degrees to the right side. Is there a possibility to adjust the ahead line.

Hi @Klaus, do you have a photo of the device ?

Hi Patrick,

the device was by the network. We have no photo. It was only one day with the wrong ahead line. At the next day it works exactly.

Maybe we calibrate the sensors nearby metallic objects.

Can you explain this?

Hi @klausachtelstetter.

It’s possible that a bad ROV calibration may interfere with the “Heading integration” option if enabled, besides that, is pretty difficult to be a mechanical problem related to the sensor.

Where can i find this option?

Hi @klausachtelstetter,

It’ll be under the display settings after you connect a Ping360.

Thank you very much

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