Phidgets SSR Relay,Pixhawk Autopilot and xbox one controller


Is it possible to use LT and RT on xbox one controller to control two Phidgets SSR Relay on Pixhawk Autopilot,i want to hold the LT button (relay will be ON) (release the LT button,relay will be OFF) same as for Button RT ?

Right now i use two Arduino,two Phidgets SSR Relay and rs485 to control the 4k foxeer camera,if i can do it same with Pixhawk Autopilot and QGroundControl i dont need the Arduino and rs485,then i have two free wires in the Tether.

This is possible with the bumper buttons, not the analog triggers. The functionality is only in the development version now, it will be included in the next release.

Ok,thank you Jacob. will wait for next release :grinning:

But the bumper buttons,you mean LB and RB they already used to tilt camera?

Yes, you will have to pick one or use the shift button.

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