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Payload limit of Heavy

(William Gallagher) #1

How many lbs or kg will the BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration be able to handle while keeping proper control?? hoping it will be 8 lbs at least!

(Etienne Demers) #2


Payload is calculated by adding ballast until you reach the a neutral point after all the equipment has been installed.

Although the heavy lift kit adds a couple of buoyancy blocks, it’s not going to add much buoyancy.

What is nice though is by moving the thrusters on the outside, you can put blocks on the inside.

I used this block: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/buoyancy-ballast/float-r1/?attribute_size=R3312%3A+24+in+x+8+in+x+2.5+in and I’ve cut it along the length and it fits perfectly on each side.

Although this setup might not work for you, it gives about 14lbs of lift. You could cut them shorter and increase the height.

In the specs, at 12vdc, the thrusters have about 8lbf. So this means 32lbs up upward force.

But I strongly suggest you keep your vehicle as close to neutral as possible or else it will affect the vehicle stability and you will stir the bottom and lose visibility.



(Kaos) #3

May i ask what the cylinder onn top does?

(William Gallagher) #4

I just want the answer to the heavy configuration only. Your set up certainly is in the advanced category of configuration. You are certainly creative. instead of square ends on your ballast, reduce drag by round type shape which maybe will turn better…


(Jacob) #5

The BlueROV2 heavy has 4 vertical thrusters, which will operate in reverse to ascend or lift. Take the thrust at the voltage you are using from the specs here, and multiply by 4.

With a 12V battery, this is ~30lbf. The buoyancy also matters in the calculation, as Etienne pointed out. If the buoyancy is neutral, then the all-out full throttle max lift will be 30lbf. If you want to retain complete stabilization and control, then maybe half of that, 15lbs.

(William Gallagher) #6

So, if I understand it right, 15 lbs max payload to have a good control of Heavy…Right…???

(Etienne Demers) #7