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BlueROV2 heavy Kit ballasts placement

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #1

Hey Guys,

I am constructing the BlueROV2 heavy kit. I am trying to figure out how to layout the ballasts. My BlueROV2 also has 4 lights, if that is important. I am going through the online heavy kit instruction manual and it does not have an image on how the ballasts should be placed. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this.

Thank you for your time,


(Kevin) #2

Hi Brandon,

You’re right, we did leave out pictures of the ballast placement on the Heavy Kit. Our recommendation is to start with the placement as shown in the original BlueROV2 instructions as shown below. You want the ROV to be slightly positive and sit level after rolling it around underwater and shaking all the air bubbles out of it.

Hope that helps and if you find a good configuration for placement, you’re welcome to share so others may see.

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #3

Okay, great. Thank you for the reply.


(Richard Allison) #4

Hi all,

Are there any ballast suggestions for the heavy configuration with payload skid, I’ve just completed my build which includes 4 lights, Newton Gripper plus an extra 3” aluminium enclosure which houses an 2nd battery for longer flight time and is mounted on the payload skid.

Thanks Richard