How much ballast to remove?

I have installed my NSG and as it adds weigh to the ROV, I am removing ballast to balance it out. It looks like the gripper adds about 600 grams of weight so I am removing 3 of my ballast weights. For those of you that have installed and run your BR2 in saltwater, is this what you have found to re-balance?

Thanks. Jake.

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the gripper has been ordered and i’m waiting to get it - the additional holes have been drilled during the main build :slight_smile:

how much ballast is the remove if you change from fresh to salt water? any suggestion?


Did you figure out the right amount of weights to place?

Best, Robert

The ballast placement on each ROV really depends on the particular arrangement of all the components on the ROV and whether it is operating in saltwater or freshwater, so there is no one “right” number or arrangement of ballast weights for the BlueROV2.

That being said, we find that removing the (one) ballast weight from below the Newton Gripper upon installation on a neutrally buoyant ROV will generally keep the ROV neutral.


I just finished building a Heavy Lift BR2 with the Gripper for a marine biologist here in Central FL and it definitely makes sense to remove the lead weight from the side that the Gripper is mounted on.



Thanks for the answer, true thing, it also seems that is going to mean a lot that the battery tube is centeret.

Just to conclude on my own findings, it seems mine is too heavy with 5 weights and the gripper (removed the one where the gripper is placed). I just read up on it, an i figure its because i run with the 18 Ah battery which is 250 grams heavier than the recommended battery with 10 Ah. So i guess removing a weight more should do it. I run in saltwater btw.


Thanks Dan and everyone else for their input on this discussion. I had originally decided that removing an amount of ballast weight equal to the gripper was my starting point. I took into consideration that it is not that simple as the gripper displaces more water and you can’t just base the decision on weight (in air) alone. I haven’t tested my configuration in the water but based on Dan’s experience, I may have removed too much. I’ll start with removing 1 weight and go from there. As discussed, each configuration might be a little different, the only way to know for sure is to test it in the water. Jake.

I testet again yesterday, and found out i only need 3 weights in my configuration to have it floating properly in the water.

Thanks Robert. Did you need to removing weights from the gripper side to balance out or are they evenly spaced?

Yes, i removed the weight that was approx. Where the gripper now is, and have one on the opposite side to balance out.
The other two is just placed in the middle at the two points furthest back, as far as I recall.

I have a BR2 with the heavy kit.
gripper installed on port (left) per instructions
4 light kit
balanced with the gripper extended in fresh water

stern center weight 191 grams
bow center weight 151 grams
starboard gripper compensation 88 grams

I placed the gripper weight on the inside of the starboard side panel bottom center hole
bow weight in the center existing hole
stern weight in the center existing hole
there was a lot of trial and error getting it just right. now when the thrusters are off it just sits there balanced.

What a joy to drive!!

joe van wagnen