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Calibration issues? BlueRov

couple questions, was out for ROVs first ocean dive and went well,

The ROV sinks slightly in salt water, should I remove ballast? And I so, how do I do this? Can’t seem to find any info on website?

Also, when descending quickly, I found the ROV would rotate and stay at a fairly sharp angle while descending, at slower decent rates it would descend fairly straight

When accelerating, the ROV pitches fairly aggressively and then levels out, I assume this is normal as I’ve experienced it with other ROVs

Lastly, I tried to calibrate the unit and it seemed to stall out and the progress bar never fully filled even though we were rotating the unit in a number of directions?

Hi Aaron,

You are slightly more buoyant in slat water, a quick internet search will explain why. You can either remove ballast or add buoyancy depending on how the ROV originally flies.

You could look at the balancing of the thrusters and COG of the ROV to work out why the ROV is tilting to one side or as you have said, a slow decent it is all right. There could be current, tether pulling etc. causing this effect.

As for calibration, you may need to refresh QGC a few times or place the ROV on a swivel chair and rotate the ROV more than 360 in each axis, rotate back, try in X,Y and Z axis, upside down, on each side, etc. until you achieve the green bar to fully load.

Best of luck

Kind regards

Deep supplies

Hi Aaron,

How did you get on? Did you manage to solve the issue?

Kind regards

Deep Supplies

Yes, worked well, still pitches if you descend too fast but half throttle and less works well