More bouyancy on heavy BR2

Anyone knows a good way to add more bouyancy blocks on a BR2 Heavy config?
As it is now my ROV is slightly negative, with the equipment mounted on it. (Sonar and USBL Beacon) I need it to be neutral/sligthly positive.

I have a 3D printer if I can use it to print some brackets etc to add more bouyancy blocks…

Hi, we either use cable ties if it is for a temporary adjustment or we drill through the buoyancy and screw direct to the frame for longer operations. Similar to how the counterweights are secured. We also paint our buoyancy black to match the frame.
How much do you plan to attach?

I only need one or two small blocks i think. I just printed a few brackets to mount on with tie wraps. I’ll post some photos later today after i’ve done a new float test.