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Heavy config, gripper and ping sonar

Hi everybody,
I am a researcher in University of Crete in Greece and we just bough a bluerov2 for a research project. We bought together a gripper and a ping sonar. We just finished putting it together, we havent deployed yet but we need to need to finish every ROV related purchase soon.
My question is that since I have both a ping sonar AND a gripper, is it possible to also get the Heavy Configuration? As I see it, there are not enough penetrators left to install it, as the heavy requires 2 slots.
I am pretty sure I will come up with more questions as we start using it !
Panagiotis Dimitriou

ps. I apologise if this question has been asked before, I couldnt find anything related with a quick search

Hi @pdimitriou We have an endcap upgrade to 18 holes if you need to add more accessories: Aluminum End Cap with 18 Holes (4″ Series)

That endcap is a bit heavier than the standard 14-hole one, especially with added penetrators, so I would recommend 2x of the BlueROV2 Machined Buoyancy Foam in the aft fairings to increase the buoyancy and level out the BlueROV2.