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Lift capacity of the heavy lift BlueROV 2

(Chris Geary) #1

I was wondering what the lift capacity of the heavy lift BlueROV2 is?
i know we can also add buoyancy to aid also.


(Kevin) #2

Hi @Tritech_Chris The static buoyancy of a Heavy without weights is around 0.8-1.2 kg depending on how many lights and other accessories you have on it. The BlueROV2 Machined Buoyancy Foam adds 126g per block on top of the standard R-3318 rectangular blocks that come standard with the BlueROV2.

We don’t really quantify “lift” based off the thrusters, but in the direction they are facing, they will produce 4.1 kg f per thruster when you need to surface.

(Chris Geary) #3

Thanks @kklemens .
I had just wanted to check in case it was different to what was stated on the thruster speck when on a full system.

We are considering using the BlueRov2 as a test platform some of our equipment, some of which is heavier than what would be operationally viable in real world situation, however for short term and static tests i think the BlueROV2 with heavy lift kit and possibly some additional buoyancy might be an excellent option for us to consider.

Thanks for your reply.


(Kevin) #4


Ok cool, sounds like exciting work!

I have also seen some modifications to put larger floats on the BlueROV2: (Reference: http://www.deltarov.com/new/product/above-the-waterline-camera-kit/)