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Orange ROV1 shore trials

Packing so many features in such a small package was a challenge but here it is … finally:

  • BR2 Heavy config
  • Custom frame marine HDPE
  • Custom buoyancy 100msw
  • 8 lights
  • Laser pointers
  • CP probe
  • 1500w surface power
  • Gig-E ethernet Fiber system
  • 8 port Gig-E switch
  • RS232 out
  • BR2 Camera
  • Inspection Camera
  • Aft Camera
  • Ping Sonar
  • Wire brush
  • Fiber connector
  • Power connector

More pictures to come!!



Wow! Looks great. That’s quite an upgrade. I love the single fairing - it looks very good.


What a beefy little vehicle! What was the task of this dive? Would you mind if we shared these photos on our socials? We love showing off heavy mods like this!

Superb !!

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Hi Elisa,

Please use any pictures you’d like.

We test out our vehicles before we ship them to ensure all is good.

This was the purpose of this dive.


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This was orange ROV 1.
Orange ROV 2 going out in a couple weeks.

Learned a lot on how to fit everything in a small package.

Ditching the choco blocks and replacing them with bullet connectors and also going full Cobalt connectors for our next revision.


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Hi Etienne,

Impressive work!

How did you solve the ethernet connector?

In general I totaly agree on replasing the penetrators with connectors.


which one are you referring to?

The fiberoptic connector

I built my own fiber connector and M10 bulkhead.

Is it a connector or do you use a standard BlueRobotics bulkhead penetrator and make the fibreoptic penetrator like the standard BlueRobotics penetrators?

Any photo of this?

These are connectors that I build.

I use a fusion splicer to install them on the tether.

I designed the bulkhead so it fits in the M10 thread like bluerobotics penetrators.

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Brilliant, I you sell these I will be interesting buying

At present I only sell to those that buy tether from me as I install them myself.

There is still some testing to do etc to ensure they are reliable. I will let you know when I sell only the connectors.


Here’s a short video of the Shoreline FAT: https://youtu.be/gEbcfzGORUU


Superb !!